Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Memory-Worthy Chapter Books

I'm following up with some book ideas for middle grade readers.  I remember how stimulating and inspiring I found these books--I know for a fact that my peers also loved them.  I tried to include different titles for different tastes.

Enough said.


A sea adventure set in the 19th century.  It is bound to be enjoyed by both girls and boys despite the lead character being a thirteen-year old girl who transforms from a proper young lady into a true sailor.
Who knew children could invent words and make  them famous worldwide?  This is a very fun read.
A story based on the concept of arranged marriage in Africa.  It's quite an intriguing story and will introduce children to ideas that are completely different from Western culture norms.
This is a historical novel encouraging women's empowerment through the story of one young lady who was a top-notch stagecoach driver and became the first female to vote in California.





*          *          *

And then there were the favorite series books; how about gifting someone the whole collection?



What were your favorite chapter books?  
Were you ever hooked to a specific book series?  Which one?