Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Favorite Children's Books

I thought I would piggy-back on my previous post, "Give a Special Gift" by sharing some of the stories I cherished as a child or the stories that my younger sister has enjoyed growing up.

Bobo needs a hug.  There is no way you can say no to a book this cute.  It is perfect for a child just beginning to recognize letters and words.  Once a child learns that the only word in the book is “hug,” you can sit back and listen to the cute expressions he or she uses while reading this sweet book. 

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

It’s time to say goodnight, to everything.  This is the perfect book to read when tucking your little one into bed; it’s a classic that has been loved by many generations of children and parents. Cuddle up as you say goodnight to each other. 
The Empty Pot By Demi

This is a Reading Rainbow favorite.  I also like several other books by Demi because of her beautiful and unique illustrations.  Kids will love not only the story, but the intricate images Demi creates.  Some other books by Demi I can suggest: Mother Teresa, The Girl Who Drew a Phoenix, The Magic Pillow, and The Emperor’s New Clothes.  She’s great and I love the multi-cultural stories she shares.

I remember the Grandma Witch story, Strega Nona, and I remember Tomie dePaola.  Try reading this magical book and other Tomie dePaola books to children—they’ll be trapped by the illustrations and the plots of the stories.
Here are a few more book covers I'm sure you'll remember:

Stay tuned for my next post on children's chapter books.

Which stories or books do your remember from your childhood?