Friday, June 14, 2013

In Remembrance

Note: For quite a while, I've been struggling to write something in honor of Sikh martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the June 1984 attack on Harmandir Sahib (a most sacred Sikh venue popularly known as the Golden Temple). For some reason, it's very, very difficult to put words to all the emotions. It's often said that poems are conservative with words, but abundant with emotions; I realized that only a poem can come out of me at this time. For more information about the June 1984 attack code named by the army as Operation Blue Star, you might want to check this article: I have also written an article about this in the past, which was published by Sikh24 and on this blog titled "Awaiting Justice."

In Remembrance 

This month I pray
For the tortured bodies,
Innocent souls,
And kindred spirits.

For the hunted,
And rebels
Trapped in heaven.

In pain as I hear
The crunching marble.
Fire in the arms of
Desensitized souls.

Drops and streams
Of red on white.
Howls, wails,
Whistles, and cries.

For the turban-tied hands,
Trucks turned morgues,
And the silence
After a storm.

And tomorrow.

A flame of prayer

Burning forever.