Wednesday, July 24, 2013


With closed eyes, I gaze into the mirror.
I look pensively at the tears rolling
Along my scorching check, I question them.
You dear drops of water, why must you
Alone suffer with me?
                                    Send someone else.
There must be blood somewhere willing to take
Your stead.  I can’t run, but you, you can hide.
Beneath my lids, take shelter.  Veil yourselves.
The more you flow, the less you shall become.
You pour out over stone.  You spill for nothing.
It takes the sea eons to reshape rocks.

You, mere droplet, have neither time nor strength;
On my cheek, you cannot linger, you can’t
Remain on the umbrella of lashes.
Instead of tears, if you were rain, you could
Accomplish all that of which you only dream.
A storm is what you should be part of.  Truly.
On this desolate face and coming from a
Feeble, unaided soul, you’re meaningless.
Others have walked far away, afraid
Of luckless shadows.  Now you should also

Pursue the storm.  Be part of something big.