Sunday, July 28, 2013

In Memory of My Guiding Angel

Written in memory of Joan Owen, cherished teacher and friend. The beauty of her heart will live forever. 

I'm a woman today, because of you.
You've been my guiding angel.

Carrying me in your hands for nine months,
Helping me straighten my legs,
Making me stand,
Watching me walk.

A table for two,
Papers between us,
Thoughts bouncing back and forth.

"I want you to."
"I know you can."
"You're amazing."

Your short phrases worked,
Like propellers on planes.
Keeping me up into enlightened nights.

Ms. Owen, with delving eyes,
Leading hands,
And an everlastingly youthful soul.

I wish I had told you:
You made me a writer.
You taught me pride.
You showed me my wings and
The limitless skies.

You are the sky now,
My words will float to you.
I send love.