Friday, September 21, 2012

The Me

I’m not the pretty brown eyes,
I’m the chocolate-brown depth.
I’m not the friendly white smile,
I’m the love and happiness threaded from end to end.
I’m not the poise and grace of a young lady,
I’m the dignity and might of a lioness.
I’m not the sweet melodious voice,
I’m the passion and passion drenched within.
I’m not the prize-winning speaker on stage,
I’m the ardent preacher through and through.
I’m not the Punjabi in America,
I’m the values and the culture.
I’m not the girl with the turban,
I’m the princess with a divine coronet.
I’m not the hand that plays the harmonium,
I’m the master of its musical vibes.
I’m not the sword spinner in the crowd,
I’m the strength and shimmer of its iron.

Don’t judge me to be what I seem,
I may be more
or less.