Friday, January 18, 2013

Just Trust

Some thoughts on trust.
The foundation of any and all relationships is complete trust. It’s the hardest to find and most difficult to maintain. What usually happens is I’ll confide in you because I trust you, you will pass on that confidence to someone you trust, and that person will dial into their trustees. Eventually, the trust comes full circle and a reverse cycle of pain begins.
What do we gain? Nothing. What do we lose? A friendship that might have lasted a lifetime and been a source of strength through all the ups and downs of our journeys. Though you may remain friends, an iron wall has been erected and it will be there no matter what you do to bring it down.
Then there are times when someone will not trust you. It’s important to remember that if someone doesn’t trust you, it’s not always your fault. There are people who for some reason or another cannot even trust the people closest to them. Instead of beating yourself up over it, stay strong and realize that if someone is worthy of your friendship, they will come around.
There’s no use trying to gain trust where there is none and a sin to break trust that exists. It all comes around.
Thus concludes my Dr. Phil moment of the day.