Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Some Thoughts on Election 2012

  1. Obamacare stays.
  2. Bush tax cuts for the rich cannot be made permanent.
  3. Women have retained the right to make choices about their own bodies for at least 4 more years.
  4. The middle class will not have to make up for the tax relief given to the upper class.
  5. The nation is divided amongst at least two major parties to a point where teamwork might be tough.
  6. It is the electoral vote total that matters (even though Obama did gain in popular vote totals over the course of the night).
  7. California and Texas may be super power states, but the small ones can make all the difference in a close call.
  8. Florida will be Florida.  The election has pretty much ended and it still hasn’t pledged allegiance to a candidate.  Please no re-count this year.
  9. The voter dynamics are changing and they make all the difference.
  10. It’s over.  For the next two years at least, we will not have to think about any sort of election.  I think this is a well-deserved vacation.