Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Five in Me

There are five of them.
Five jailors to tie me
Down and keep me from
Myself. Approaching slyly from behind,
Through gray hazes of my

Mind, through the grime of
Greed, anger, attachment, ego, and
Un-ending lusts. They’re always
Waiting, lurking in the dark.
In the deepest depths, sandwiched

In unknown, undiscovered cells; they
Wait. They wait for me
To sleep, to loosen down
My guard. And then they
Come attack me, in any

Way they can. I pray
To cleanse my mind, I
Sing to cleanse my heart,
With every breath I long
To remember my Lord’s name;

I try to lose my
Self in the wonders of
His nature, His creation, in
The wonders of His play.
But no, it mustn’t be,

There remain failings on my
Part. My walls are not
Yet strong enough to keep
Intruders out. Through my cracks
And tiny holes, they enter.

They enter as soon as
The lights go out, hunting
And digesting petals of my
Untouched soul.